Project Description

Evolution of Spanish Videogames

What is this all about?

This is the first compilation video of the most emblematic video games developed in Spain. An extensive list featuring more than 150 video games and created by members of the group “Video games Developers from Spain ”.

How was this Project born?

The idea emerged in a conversation among members of the above mentioned group. When a video on the history of the video games was published, Daniel Parente (group’s admin) had the idea of creating a Spanish version of the video. The idea began to take shape rapidly and some group members began to work on it. Once the list was made, we, Groovel, were the ones in charge of the video editing process. We also composed an original theme song that added some color to the project.

Project Development

Right from the beginning the group members were clear about one thing: both music and graphics had to evolve along with the games
We composed the music. We created a song that evolved over time, from the 8 bits at the beginning to the orchestral music at the end.

At the end of this article you can find a small preview of the music we are creating.

Our friend Borja Carcayú did the graphic design. He chose the font for the video titles, inspired by some of the greatest games of each decade.

Ok, but when will it be ready?

The project is well advanced; Carcayú’s work is already done, and the editing process is underway, just waiting to finish the audio to do the sync up.

As of today, the project is progressing at a good pace, and although we can’t set a date, we can tell you that it won’t be long before it is finished. Have a little patience.