Project Description

Kill Blocks Soundtrack

How did we come into the project?

Kill Blocks – official website – was our first work. The project came to Alberto through the video game developer Joan Martínez. Joan is Alberto’s friend and he needed a sound professional for his new video game now that he was going to release it together with Mobilendo.

Alberto started working on the Project, and it was then that he called me (Hello!, I’m Hust) and asked me to compose the songs for Kill Blocks.

What did we do?

Mobilendo was very clear about the music they wanted, that is, an easy- to- listen- to background music that accompanied the game and with little percussion. Even though in the beginning they asked us to compose a track, due to the video game requirements, we finally composed four.

We then composed the music and designed the sound for four maps set in different cities. Being this our first project, we lacked the resources, so we worked just with our personal computers and low quality tools.

So, using software trial versions and free libraries we moved forward on the project. Many ideas came out, and most of them ended up being an end product. Among other things, we left out a peculiar version created for the Time Attack mode that we really liked. ( 200 bpm … it rocks!).

After creating the music and effects, Joan also asked us to make the game trailer for Apple Store and Google Play. And, even though in the end we used music from the game, we were about to use an interesting composition made by Alberto.

What did we learn?

Being this our first Project, there were many things we didn’t know how to do. We learnt to optimize our time and to work together. We also learnt some special features of sound mixing on mobile devices and to optimize resources and file size for mobile devices.

Kill Blocks was our first Project working together, and thanks to this experience we decided to keep working together and to create Groovel.

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